WASP Firefighting

The Wildfire Aerial Suppression Program (WASP) is designed to help ground-based firefighters by providing the services of experienced agricultural pilots. Water dropped from aloft can suppress fires very quickly, safely aiding those on the ground.

If you are a firefighter and are interested in utilizing this tool, we welcome you to download the Contact List and Locator Map below and give the participating aerial applicators in your area a call.

Wildfire Aerial Suppression Program (W.A.S.P)

Approved By: Kansas Agriculture Aviation Association and the Kansas Department of Emergency Management



  • Chairman: Bill Garrison
  • Vice Chair: Dusty Dowd
Contact List – Download this document to see a listing of all participating WASP members. The list includes contact information and is cross-referenced to the Locator Map.

Locator Map – This download is a Kansas map showing the location of participating WASP members. It is cross-referenced to the Contacts list, which has complete contact information.