KAAA Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application
IMPORTANT! Please review the application questions and requirements below before proceeding. You will need to have all information for the required fields (marked with an *), along with your most recent high school transcripts, and two Student Reference forms to upload as part of the application process. You WILL NOT be able to submit the application and then return to add pieces of information at a later time. So it is important that you have everything required for submitting the application at the time you fill it out online.

Applicant Information

Parent / Guardian Information

School Information

What is your college of choice for your freshman year? If undecided, list your first three college choices in the order of your preference.

Personal History


List the names and address of two adults who know you well and who have agreed to write recommendations for you. Do not use relatives as references. Please supply them with a copy of the Student Reference Form located here. They are also welcome to use a format of their own.

Upload Files and Finalize Application

IMPORTANT! Below you will need to upload several documents in order to complete your application. 1) a copy of your most recent high school transcripts, 2) a completed Student Reference form from each of the persons you listed as references above, and 3) (optional) attach an additional page with notes or comments to expand upon any particular section of this scholarship application.

You will need to submit all of your document uploads as PDF files. There are a number of PDF converters online that will enable you to upload any document type and have it turned into a PDF document. One such website provided for you to use is http://smallpdf.com/. This scholarship application form will not accept any document type other than PDF.

Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB