Aerial Fire Suppression meeting, Nov. 8, Hutchinson, Kan. Contact Dusty or Bill for more info

The Kansas Agricultural Aviation Association is kicking its fire suppression committee into high gear. Thanks to committee chairs Bill Garrison and Dusty Dowd, KAAA is hosting a training on November 8 at the Airport in Hutchinson and is inviting you to be part of it. Spray pilots who would like to be officially called on to help during emergency fire situations will need to complete this training. You do need to RSVP with your airplane to this event on Nov. 8, by emailing  or calling (316) 796-1180.
Schedule for Nov. 8, Hutchinson Airport

8 a.m. – Wildfire Aerial Suppression Program (WASP) begins, training by Rodney Reddinger, Kansas Forest Service

11:30 a.m. – Buffet lunch at Airport Steakhouse courtesy of KAAA
1 p.m. – Water drops
Keep in mind training is necessary to list your name and business on the state map of aerial suppression contacts. This map is being developed by the Kansas Dept. of Emergency Management and will be used during an emergency fire situation. 
Also, Bill has worked with the Hutchinson Airport to offer a discount for fuel if you fill up in Hutchinson before leaving. 
Please let us know of your interest and attendance. If you can’t make the training but would still like to be part of WASP let us know that as well.
Thank you,
Bill Garrison and Dusty Dowd, co-chairs, WASP committee
Rhonda McCurry, KAAA exec